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Reliable high performance from your team.


Tune the Team teaches cognitive and behavioural skills that will improve critical thinking, collaborative working and create a truly inclusive, effective working culture for your team.

Collaborative working is a key skill for people in any business. We know technical skills alone are not sufficient and yet often the behaviours and cognitive processes needed to create an expert team are not defined well enough. Frequently only broad aims and concepts are discussed.


Tune the Team shares knowledge and solutions in clearly defined, simple, practical ideas and tools that will change your team of experts into an expert team.

Successful businesses look outside to other domains for ideas that can transform their own. Our combination of solutions has roots in space exploration and aviation and proven success in other dynamic, high stakes industries such as nuclear, medicine, offshore oil, motorsport and more.


Together we create teams that are...

  • ​Flexible

  • Innovative

  • Expert decision makers

  • Exceptional communicators

cockpit team.jpg
  • Involved

  • Engaged

  • Motivated

  • Resilient under pressure

...with significant benefits...

Business Meeting

Inclusive leadership

Cohesive team

A competitive edge

Value to customer, investor and sponsor

Individual satisfaction and retention

Evolution not revolution

Engineers and Businesspeople

Insight to actionable solutions

that meet your needs.

Group training

In a Meeting
Professor Lecturing on Stage

Observe, inquire and assess

Scientist using microscope

Individual coaching

Discussing project on screen
Conversation Between Colleagues

Specific problem resolution


Who We Are

Steve is an experienced and motivated commercial pilot and trainer, with a passion and drive for excellence that engages and inspires those he works with. He is an expert at combining technical and non-technical skills in a real world environment and highly skilled in creating and delivering the training of a combination of solutions that have proven success in numerous dynamic, high stakes industries and environments, including aviation.


Steve is familiar with the challenges of effectively coaching a wide variety of people and along with his knowledge and friendly enthusiasm, will help your team understand how to become truly effective.



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"I reached out to Steve to work with my team individually. I wanted him to focus on driving engagement and empowering them to realise and fulfil their potential across the business. Steve has worked with them over the past 18 months to augment their individual development and contributions to the department and the business. The feedback has been exceptional. He is one of those rare individuals who blends into a team seamlessly and puts people at ease from the offset. His professional background also adds an extra level of credibility where highly regulated industries are involved. I would thoroughly recommend reaching out to Steve to allow him to ‘tune the team’."


Dr Dev Kumar

General Counsel / Company Director

OBR White Red.png

"Tune the Team has been paramount to successfully moulding young and ambitious people into effective leaders. Oxford Brookes Racing has had the privilege of having Tune the Team guide them during these highly demanding and stressful times. After their time at Oxford Brookes Racing, our members take what they have learned from Tune the Team into their everyday lives in highly competitive industries such as Formula One."

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