Reliable High Performance.

Tune the Team
Tune the Team

Do you believe your team is capable of so much more? You're right. A team can reach its full potential if the whole team knows how to do that together. Tune the Team was created to help teams understand how to apply their technical skills more effectively and reliably, improving performance and gaining a competitive advantage.

Make your team far greater than the sum of its parts.

A team of experts does not make an expert team. From design to operational execution and whether you're looking for some simple ways to improve or more detailed analysis and coaching, we can help any team at any level improve their performance. Our combination of solutions has roots in space exploration and aviation and proven success in other dynamic, high stakes industries such as nuclear, medicine, offshore oil and more.

The best competitors focus on what they can control. We can help shape your organisation to create a more effective team and manage our human weaknesses, ensuring you really are in control.


These methods have a proven track record of improving safety and performance in a variety of challenging, dynamic environments.


In Motorsport, this all means better results, happy drivers and satisfied sponsors.

Tune the Team
How You Benefit

Have you ever wondered what your team could achieve if it was working at peak performance, 100% of the time?

We can help your team become:

  • Flexible and innovative

  • Resilient under pressure

  • More involved and motivated

  • Methodical decision makers

  • Exceptional communicators

We can help your organisation:

  • Thrive under pressure

  • Quantify and balance risk and reward

  • Create strength in depth

  • Share knowledge and experience effectively

  • Improve employee satisfaction and retention

This will give you:

  • Greater all round performance

  • Greater value to customer and sponsor

  • Greater reliability

  • A new competitive edge

Tune the Team

Tailored Solutions

Our solutions complement existing technical knowledge and ability, enabling that knowledge to be used more effectively, efficiently and reliably.

Improving Results

This is what competition is all about and so are we. We can review your operation as a whole, find ways to make reliable high performance a reality and so improve the customer experience.

Solving Problems

The solutions we can apply cover a wide range of issues. It is also our experience that many technical problems can be avoided with a human solution.


We will find the root cause of any issues you may have and supply the knowledge and skills you need to produce reliable high performance.

Evolving the Business

A delicate balancing act. Need to retain control whilst employing new staff? Competing at a higher level? Even whilst maintaining or improving results in existing challenges?


We can help you create a flexible, adaptable and innovative team to help solve new problems and produce reliable high performance.

Tune the Team

Who We Are


Steve is an experienced and motivated commercial pilot and trainer, with a passion and drive for excellence that engages and inspires those he works with. He is an expert at combining technical and non-technical skills in a real world environment and highly skilled in creating and delivering the training of a combination of solutions that have proven success in numerous dynamic, high stakes industries and environments, including aviation.


Steve is familiar with the challenges of effectively coaching a wide variety of people and along with his knowledge and friendly enthusiasm, will help your team understand how to become truly effective.

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"Tune the Team has been paramount to successfully moulding young and ambitious people into effective leaders. Oxford Brookes Racing has had the privilege of having Tune the Team guide them during these highly demanding and stressful times. After their time at Oxford Brookes Racing, our members take what they have learned from Tune the Team into their everyday lives in highly competitive industries such as Formula One."

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